Friday, March 30, 2012

Remembering the Good Times

Today I am thankful for . . .

269.  The gift of Working Together with Other Parents to bring our Grade 5 and 6 kids 'The Bridge' program at our church.  Tonight we celebrated Easter and it was fantastic.  Have you ever heard of Resurrection Buns?  The leader made them with the kids tonight; it was so cool to see what happened when the buns were baked!

270.  The gift of Finding a Good Home for Kessel, who has been re-named, Molly.  The new owners were very excited to see her and call her their own.  We have Billy with us for almost two more weeks until he goes to his new home.  We are getting super-attached to him.  Thank goodness he is going to live with very close relatives - we'll get to see him often.

271.  The gift of Remembering The Good Times with our Pets.  My sister lost a very special dog to cancer this morning.  I hope my sister and her family are comforted by the memories they have of their beloved pet.  She will be missed : ' ' ' (

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