Monday, March 26, 2012

Project Don't Pass Out

Today I am thankful for . . .

257.  The gift of Not Passing Out at Work Today.  I woke up not feeling well, but still went to work.  Wayne wasn't feeling well either, but he stayed home.  I was never so happy to be done my day today.  As soon as I got home, I headed for the Tylenol, Ibuprofen, heating pad and recliner.  I rested for two hours and felt much better after that.  Hopefully tomorrow is a better day for me physically.

258.  The gift of Television that I Can Get IntoProject Runway All-Stars is now done for the season.  I am going to go through withdrawal.  I *heart* that show.  I don't want to give anything away about who won the big prize, but it was one of the best final runways I've ever watched.  All three finalists are amazing designers.

259.  The gift of Watching (and listening to) Alaska Playing with the two pups that we still have.  It is SO adorable to watch her "play" with her kids!

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