Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Thankfuls

Today I am thankful for . . .

186.  The gift of Accomplishing Some Work towards our Women's Ministry Event, which is only 1 week and 1 day away from finally taking place!

187.  The gift of Growing and Developing Puppies.  Today they had "real" food for the first time, and did really well with it.  It is so fun to watch them develop physically and socially.  We are really going to miss them when they go to their new homes.

188.  The gift of Another Homeschool Week Completed.  The boys work hard (most days:) to get their assignments done, and I think they are amazing students.  Tomorrow I hope to have enough time in my day to prep for the rest of March.  It makes it so much easier when I work that far in advance to prepare their "schedule".

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