Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Puppy Cuteness

Today I am thankful for . . .

112.  The gift of Not Running Out of Gas On My Way Home From Work.  I don't think I've ever let my tank run that "dry" before.  I'm sure I made it to the pump just in the nick of time.  Long-story short, I did something stupid.  Thankfully, no catastrophe occurred due to my neglect.

113.  The gift of Ultimate Puppy Cuteness.  Our puppies look like they've doubled in size since they were born on January 29th, and their mom, Alaska, is doing a great job of caring for them.  Their eyes will be opening any day now, and they are just going to keep getting cuter and cuter.  The above photos were taken when the puppies were just 3 days old.

114.  The gift of A Generous Donation to our Women's Ministry by one of the women in BOOK Club; this donation of gifts will cut our need to purchase some items for our big event (being held in March), by half.

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