Monday, February 13, 2012


Today I am thankful for . . .

130.  The gift of Making PINK Valentine's Day Cupcakes for all of my Valentines at home and at school.  Tomorrow I am going to bring my book, Pinkalicious (written by Victoria and Elizabeth Kahn), to read to my Hutterite students.  There are girls there who love pink as much as I do:)

131.  The gift of A Super-Sweet Thank-You Note I received in the mail today from a very special person.

132.  The gift of The Privilege to Pray.  Remember in yesterday's list of gifts I shared about a Facebook friend named T?  After more correspondence with her today, she is now awaiting the arrival of a Bible, which I am sending her in the mail.  She is also contemplating attending the church which I was able to refer her to.  My heart aches for this woman and honestly, I don't even know really know her.  The Holy Spirit is at work and it is exciting to pray for T as she begins to seek something better for her life.

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~Rain``` said...

Mmmmmm, pink cupcakes... I love cupcakes... :)

Praying for your friend today.