Friday, January 13, 2012

The Confession of a Canadian-Idol Wanna-Be

I just spent the past hour sitting at my piano, plunking out tunes and attempting to sing along to my very disjointed and warped piano-playing.  It's been a long time; I should have been doing something else more productive, like prepping for next weeks' homeschool, cleaning the bathroom, or taking down the Christmas decorations (yes, they are still up, and it's January 13th!).  But, I enjoy the piano and I find that singing and playing is a source of escape for me now and then.

One of my "gifts" today is Music (see below).  I love to sing and I love to listen to others sing.  If I were to wish for one "dream career", it would be that of a singer/songwriter.  I have never actually verbalized that desire before, so it may come as a bit of a shock to some people.  It's not that I have a great voice or anything; I think it's acceptable at best.  But if I could have that one dream come true, it would be to be a superb singer/songwriter.  Someone who could write beautiful lyrics and sing those lyrics to notes that would impact the world.

But alas, that is not about to happen.  My weekly performance consists of sitting in and among the church congregation, belting out my praises to the point that I think my singing is overbearing.  I have noticed people sitting in front of me kind of turn to the side during worship time and look behind them without turning completely around, trying to figure out who this maniac singer behind them.  But I don't care.  Sunday is my one and only chance to get anywhere close to living my dream, so I sing and I sing loud.  Recently we've been sitting closer to the front right by the band so that the boys can watch the drummer do his thing.  I like that too.  And being that close to the front, the band is a bit louder so I don't think my loud singing is quite as noticeable. 

Speaking of drums, this whole drum thing is so cool, and I really have to restrain myself when I start thinking about where all these lessons might lead the boys - actually, my hope and dream for them is that they would be the drummers in church one day too.  Ty started with his new drum teacher yesterday, and LOVED it!  He's still missing his old teacher, S, and today he's been a bit melancholic over that; but I know that if he commits himself to working with this new teacher, B, he's going to do well.  Mitchell also started lessons yesterday, but he's just doing an 8-week trial program to see how he likes it, so he's got a different teacher than Ty does.  So far, Mitchell likes it a lot.  In a way I think it might be easier for him to learn this instrument, because he's had flute and piano lessons in the past, which Ty did not have.  On the other hand, as both Ty's former teacher and current teacher have stated, Ty is young and "moldable".  He also doesn't really have a preferred music genre, so where he might go with this is wide open.

Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul.

Today, I am thankful for . . .

37.  The gift of Music.  When I am at home or in my car, there is always some music playing in the background--my world feels empty without it.  On today's music agenda is FFH, Paul Brandt and Chris Tomlin; three groups/artists I never tire of listening to.

38.  The gift of A Large Double-Double Coffee from Tim Horton's, sipped while chatting with a good friend.

39.  The gift of Searching Scripture for the perfect verse(s) to encourage a friend.

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