Saturday, March 12, 2011

Walk, Walk, Walking . . .

I have recently started a new exercise regiment which involves walking indoors.  The weather continues to remain wintery here, so taking walks outside is an unpleasant, unwelcoming thought.  While I do not get to experience nature in this walking program, I am experiencing the benefits of exercise and I've walked a total of just over 19 km (12 miles) in the past 5 days.  I have already seen results.

The program is free and easy.  I found it on You Tube, of all places.  There are two "videos" by Leslie Sansone, which allow you to do a total of 2 miles of walking.  I've been doing both videos everyday for the past five days so that I get in my 2 miles per day.  It takes just under 30 minutes of my time to "walk", and I've looked forward to this part of my day since I began.  I use 1.5 leg weights which I purchased at Wal-Mart for about $4.00 each, but you don't have to use leg weights if you'd rather start out with less intensity.

I plan to purchase some of Leslie Sansone's other DVD's in the near future, so that I can increase the distance in my walks.  I hope to eventually get up to 5 miles (approx. 8 km) a day, three times a week.  From what I have discovered, the two videos I have mentioned here are the only full-length Leslie Sansone videos that are currently available on You Tube.  There may be more out there, but I haven't taken the time to do a whole lot of searching.

If you are looking to add physical activity to your life, but you're not into jumpy, bouncy-type exercise programs, I highly recommend Leslie Sansone.  She incorporates working on your core muscles and upper body as well.  You don't need a lot of physical space to participate.  I have an area in my office that is about 2 feet. by 5 feet and that's all the space I use.

One other thing I've done over the past week is to drink more water and intake less calories after supper.  I must admit I'm not much of a water-drinker (bad, I know), so for now I have decided to replace 2 drinks (iced tea, juice, Diet Coke, etc.) that I normally would have consumed in a day, with water.  So far I'm enjoying it, especially with the addition of a slice of lemon or lime.

Let me know if you try the walking program, and what results you've noticed.  I've provided the links below.  If they appear to be just a black screen, click on the screen and the video should come into view. 

Happy walking!


~Rain``` said...

That is awesome! I am still 10 pounds from being back to pre-pregnancy form. Argh! I've been thinking along the same lines as you. Reduce calorie intake after supper. Drink more water. I'm engaging in a more "jumpy" work out routine, but I am looking foward to warmer weather so I can get out and WALK!

Kim said...

I actually have three different Leslie Sansone DVD's and I really like them. This is a program that is perfect for me. I haven't noticed any physical results since I've started them, but I sure feel better about myself after I've done a 2 or 3 mile walk!

Cons-structions said...

Way to go Kim.
I've been doing "walking" exercises since mid-Feb REALLY tired of waiting for the weather to warm up! I don't have leg weights but arm weights because I have weak upper-arm strength so I try to get my whole body going. Haven't lost weight but that's not my goal...just want to give my body a bit of a cardio-vascular workout and it definitely makes me feel better.
Keep up the good work!

stacey said...

good job! sounds easy and fun!

Lani - the flowerlady said...

I love Leslie Sansone. An excellent way to exercise!