Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another New Look

So, I've changed the look of my blog again--not in order to pay tribute to the season that is rapidly approaching (winter--my favorite season) but rather, to try to lift my spirits.  I love the colors of this template and I really need to have my space full of bright colors since my world isn't so bright right now. I've got lots to write about but it just never seems to get posted to this blog.  I'll try harder . . . when I feel like it.


michelle said...

Dear Kimmy,

Winter is one of my favourite seasons as well...just so long as my pantry is full and I have a stack of books and games to carry me through the long, cold nights. I am happy to just nestle down in my warm home and watch winter pass by outside my window.

Know that I always look forward to reading updates about you and your family. I hope you can find the time to post soon. I really wish you were feeling "brighter."


~Rain``` said...

Kimmy, I love you and wish we had our chance to go for coffee and talk about life. Next time, okay!