Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Colors and Changing Seasons

You may have noticed I changed the look of my blog.  This was done in order to pay tribute to the season we are currently experiencing in the Prairies . . . Fall!

I enjoy Fall because of the cooler temperatures, the return of routine and the beautiful leaves that change from green to varying shades of orange, yellow, red and brown. 

I am learning to embrace each new season as it comes along.  I've always said winter is my favorite season, and it still ranks slightly above the other three, but this year I have made a conscious effort to see the positive in every season. 

Life is full of different seasons too . . . there are seasons ahead of me that I wish I could avoid; and there are seasons I've already experienced that were better than I thought they'd be, but still, some have been more difficult than others.  Whatever season you currently find yourself it, I hope you are putting your trust in God, allowing Him to guide you through it.

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