Friday, September 3, 2010

500 Posts Came and Went

I've been updating some things (see my pages above--I've got most of them done--finally) on my blog today and realized that my 500th post has come and gone.  My 500th post was this one

No fanfare.  No fireworks.  Just the reality of life as it comes and goes.  Honestly, could I have written a more "normal" post than that one?  The one about changes in life and how life changes whether we want it to or not.  I didn't receive a single comment on that post so it must have been really boring!

So here I am on my 503rd post and wow, does it ever feel good.  I wish I could say I were on my 1000th post because when I originally started this blog I wanted to write way more than I have.  I'm coming up on my 4th Bloggiversary soon.  Hopefully I don't miss it too!

Thanks to all of my faithful readers!  I know I have threatened to shut this blog down in the past, but I feel compelled to keep going with it.  I find tremendous satisfaction in writing and this is a place where I can write and not be graded.  I can be honest and open and most of you have been kind enough to encourage me along the way, for which I am grateful.  This blog has also been a place for me to chronicle some important events in our family.  Maybe someday I'll publish it in hard-copy form.  Did you know you can do that?  I think it's pretty amazing.  Yes, I think I just might do that some day.

So, Happy 503rd Post, Mission:  Kim-Possible!


michelle said...

Congratulations on your 500th post! Even though I don't get a chance to comment on every single one, I still read them.

Blogging is definitely something that I do just for me (and maybe my family and close friends I don't see often). If I didn't love writing and recording my thoughts and experiences, blogging would have lost its appeal for me a long time ago. Time constraints have kept me from writing for nearly 1-1/2 years now, but I miss it terribly. Someday I hope to get back to it, whether I have readers or not, just because I find it an enjoyable pastime. Thanks so much for keeping your blog going.


Cons-structions said...

503? Really? Way to go!!!! I think I've done FIVE!!!! It's not that I don't have anything to say, I just have the desire to post stuff that I think most people couldn't care less often I just write stuff in a word doc for me alone.
Anyway, congrats on 500!