Thursday, June 3, 2010

Overwhelmed . . . Again!

This time I am overwhelmed by the goodness and blessings that God has poured out on myself as well as my family.

I still have a job to return to in fall!  I can't believe that I just wrote that.  I am truly blessed.

While I won't be in the school that my boys attend, I will be working in a school consisting of approximately 27 students in grades K - 9.  I will still work only 15 hours per week (which is 50% for an E.A. in our school division), but it won't be every day for 3 hours like it was this past year.  The principal is willing to provide flexibility in scheduling, which is HUGE to me, because that means I can still be a substitute E.A. or substitute Administrative Assistant for FULL days at my current school on the days that I'm not working full days at the Colony.  The Colony?  Yes, I'll be working at a Hutterite Colony School, about 25 minutes from our home.  It's out in the middle of nowhere really, but I pass by it whenever I go to visit my parent's house.  Ever since I began my work as an E.A. I've secretly wanted to hold a position at a Colony School, but the opportunity never presented itself until now; so, here I am, several years later, fulfilling a secret dream that I never thought would come true.

My transfer was just confirmed this morning, and while I knew something was possibly in the works, I didn't know quite what it was.  Until yesterday.  And then it all came in a flood of information and decision-making, which involved a tonne of prayer on my part.  And guess what?  God answered, exactly like I had hoped He would!  Again, I say I am overwhelmed by the blessings of my heavenly Father.

I know the year ahead is full of change, but I am looking forward to something different and new.  Given the fact that the lay-off from my current school was very final, with no possibility to change the outcome, I couldn't have asked for a better outcome than the one that has been laid out before me.  I'll keep you posted on how it all turns out, but I am so relieved to know that I have a job to return to at the end of August, just in time for my 38th (gulp!) birthday.  Happy Birthday to me!


~Rain``` said...

Yay, yay, yay! Yipee! I am so THRILLED for you. God is so GOOD and FAITHFUL. SO perfect after you wrote about having a peaceful heart!

Chris said...

Isn't He?
Isn't He more?
More than we can ever imagine.
More merciful and kind?
More thoughtful and good?
Just more.
All the time.
Even in your pain He was preparing this special place.
Oh how He loves you and me!

So glad... I needed this bright moment today... thank you for sharing.

plettdaphne said...

Kim - I am so thrilled for you!! I am so thrilled that things worked out - that God knew the secret desires of your heart - and that what you thought was not a good thing turned out to be great! I am so glad!

Kim said...

So happy for you Kim!!!God IS good, all the time!!!

Jen said...

That's awesome Kim! So happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! I am so happy for you. Don't you love it when God knows our secret dreams and surpises us with it at the perfect time?!


Anonymous said...


michelle said...

What awesome news!!! I am so happy for you. It is terrific to see God pouring out his blessings upon you for your faithfulness.


The Walker Family said...

OH Kim that is SO great!! Congratulations....I think it's so neat that you get to work on a Hutterite Colony....awesome. Praise God, I'm so happy to hear and read of your testimony...yippee!