Monday, March 22, 2010

My Niece's HAPPY Cake

This past weekend it was our privilege to host my niece's SECOND birthday party. There was a lot of activity in our home as we celebrated the ongoing life of this very precious little girl. One of my favorite parts of this celebration was the fact that I got to make and decorate the birthday cake, which she affectionately called her "HAPPY" Cake.

Here are some pictures of the cake . . . I created each flower individually out of an interesting substance known as gum paste . . . I started by forming each petal, centre and leaf separately; Then I joined them together to create a flower. 

The first and last pictures are of the finished product.  I wish I would have used a colored background rather than a white one--I think the flowers would have stood out more.  Also, for future cakes, I'm going to get something nice to place the finished product on, rather than using a cookie sheet covered in foil. 

The middle pictures are of the cake before I had the final decorating done.  At this point I was just placing the flowers to make sure they'd all fit properly before I iced the cake.  I like these pictures because you can see the flowers in more detail.

The second-last picture is of me with my niece and her HAPPY cake.

*If you double-click on the images you can see them larger.


Kim said...

Very nice! :)

~Rain``` said...

It was a beautiful HAPPY cake. Thanks for creating such a beautiful piece of art!

Lovella said...

You did such a good job, Kimmy! I'm sure A. was thrilled!

stacey said...


Kari said...

Beautiful! You are so talented! Do you know anyone who installs countertops? Often they have pieces left over that are perfect to put the cake on (the pieces cut out from where the sink goes are great).


Ryan & Melanie said...

what a beautiful cake! I wish I could have been there to are so talented!