Monday, March 29, 2010

Hockey Night in Canada According to My Son

Double-click on collage for a larger image.

For the past two months, Mitchell has been working on a school project for an event known as the Heritage Fair.  His mission was to choose a topic of interest to him, and write a report with a display, reflecting the importance of his topic as it pertains to the development of Canada.  The topic he chose was Hockey.  No surprise there.  There have been some challenges along the way.  Hockey is a pretty broad topic.  Even narrowing it down to Canadian Hockey was a challenge for him.  But I must say, I have been impressed by the hard work Mitchell has put into his research and final presentation.  The Fair will be held this Wednesday, and we've been working on something special at home for the last few days.  We (Mitchell, his dad and I) have created our own version of a hockey rink model.  The above collage is a glimpse of the rink we created from scratch--all our own ideas--no help from Google on how to make a hockey rink replica.  Believe me, I tried to find a simple model to follow, but such a thing does not exist, I guess.

Unfortunately for Mitchell, he is competing against students from grade 5 - 8, so with him being on the younger end of the participants (he's in grade 5), I don't expect that his report will fare as well as the reports of some of the grade 8 students.  However, I think this project was good for him.  He was able to study and research something he is passionate about, which made it a lot easier for all of us.  If he is chosen to advance to the regional competiton, I'll let you know.


~Rain``` said...

Way to go Mitchell! Good luck on the Fair.

Lovella said...

Wow! That looks pretty impressive to me. Good job, Mitchell. Let us know how it goes at the fair!