Monday, February 22, 2010

Lofty Goals

I have so many good intentions to blog but so many of those intentions to blog are overpowered by the day-to-day responsibilities of being a wife, mother and employee. Here is a list of things I hope (oh please, I hope) to accomplish this week:

1. Get my new blog up-and-running. It's called Mission: Sew-Possible. It will document my new passion, which is sewing. I've taken pictures of everything I've made so far and yes, I want the whole world to see.

2. Complete two of four posts I've got in the works for the blog you are currently reading. All I've done so far is come up with the titles. The only reason I did that is so that I wouldn't forget what my plans were for blogging topics. The titles have been in my "Edit Posts" tab for a couple of weeks now, but I just never seem to have enough time to sit down and give each post the time it deserves to be worthy of publishing.

3. Sort out information so that Wayne can get started on our taxes. Once he's got all the paperwork it only takes him a matter of minutes to complete everything, but it's just getting it all in order to begin with that is going to be a challenge. Normally it's pretty straight-forward, but we wanted to take advantage of the Home Renovation Tax Credit for the 2009 tax year, which means I've got a LOT of receipts to compile and organize before he can e-file our taxes.

4. Start painting my living room/dining room area. I've got a plan to paint one wall a day for the next week, which means I should be done this project in a weeks' time. I know it probably sounds ridiculous to you for me to do it at such a slow pace, but last week I painted our itsy-bitsy bathroom from start to finish in a short amount of time and it just about killed me to do it. The amount of painting I'm about to embark on is huge in comparison to the bathroom project, so I've got to pace myself; otherwise I might die in the process. I used to love to paint. Until we moved here. Now it's not so fun anymore.

5. Sort out my laundry mess. I've currently got clean laundry (well, I hope it's still clean) strewn all over the main floor of my house. I've been without a working dryer since a few days before Christmas, and I'm currently waiting for our BRAND. NEW. DRYER. to be repaired. The serviceman was here last Friday, discovered the problem, had to order a part to fix the problem, and now we are waiting for his return so that he can fix my BRAND. NEW. DRYER. Did I happen to mention that it's BRAND. NEW? Oh yes, I did. It's a long story, but trust me, having a working dryer after being without one for 2 months will be a dream-come-true for this housewife.

6. Return to regular exercise. I've jumped off the band-wagon, people, and let me tell you, my thighs are not happy. Nor is my gut. And most of all, neither is my emotional state. If I don't do something about this lack of exercise soon I don't think I'll be able to stand myself any longer. Nor will my poor husband, who has to hear the body laments. He's ready to tape up my mouth, I'm sure.

7. Sew. I'm getting started on one of my favorite projects next. I'll let you know what it is later.

Wow, seven goals. I didn't even plan that.

Now, before I can even get started on any of the above, I must tidy up my kitchen. It's a HUGE mess because I was gone all weekend celebrating family.


Chris said...

Very encouraging to post the goals and keep us up with the progress! I've completed #3, including the home reno tax rebate... did you know you can include permanent blinds??? AWESOME. I ended up going through receipts with a table detailing date, item, place and price to keep myself organized... can't be before February of last year- be aware!!

#5 is on my list too... still eking out about one run a week, but this isn't enough.

You've encouraged me to go update my blog... stay tuned!

Beverly said...

Oh Kim, I'm haning in there with you; I have clean, folded laundry scattered throughout the house! It's awful....I also love sewing, mainly quilting actually and I'm just dying to get back at my little baby blanket I'm making for a friend; just need some time :) So glad to know I'm not the only one with these goals...congrats on your BRAND NEW DRYER - awesome! :)

stacey said...

totally can't wait for that sewing blog!!! and to see results or your painting efforts! i prep posts all the time with titles or at least the subject. otherwise, i forget!! :)

are you loving all the olympics stuff? i remember going to the summer olympics when it was in atlanta. i was working in florida so it made for a great roadtrip.

Lovella said...

Looking forward to seeing your sewing blog!