Monday, October 26, 2009

When Life Makes No Sense

WARNING: This blog post was written with complete and total honesty (all of my posts are honest, but I did not edit anything in this post. Perhaps I should have). Reader Beware.

November 2nd came one week early and arrived on October 26th instead. All the hoopla and great anticipation of my being able to announce some "News" on here has resulted in, once again, a huge disappointment! But that's not really news around here when it comes to life experience.

I am truly having a hard time understanding the ways of God right now. If you hadn't already figured it out, my husband was short-listed for a job that he and I really hoped he would get. He thought the interview went well. Apparently it didn't go as well as he thought. He received word today that he was not selected for the position available because other candidates were more suitable for the job.

I am so very disappointed. But I have to remind myself that through the past couple of weeks as we've moved through these days of waiting, I kept telling God, "This is in your hands." I just don't understand why we are continually "thrown bones" of opportunity, giving rise to hope and anticipation that something might finally work out for different employment options (either for Wayne or myself), and then it results in no change. I don't understand what God is trying to teach me or my husband, or us combined, about our life. Why is the answer always "NO", when so many indicators in this particular instance led us to believe it would be "YES"?

If I am being completely honest with you, my (few) readers, when things like this happen, I begin to wonder if God really does care about our day-to-day lives?

Signing off, and hoping and praying that my faith will eventually become stronger and not weaker after receiving this news, I remain:



Wendy said...

Hey Kim,

It was like that for us after Hari finished school and spent almost a year looking for work. One interview after another, and nothing seemed to pan out. Getting over the disappointment from each failed interview was difficult. Looking back, we saw how we learned new things from the different interviews. In the end, God provided a job for Hari that makes total sense, and God continues to provide for us. Hang in there while its tough. My prayers go with you.

Wendy Dischke Stirbet

stacey said...

friend, your pain is so raw right now that nothing i could say would be right. not even sure i know what to say. but i understand, i do. if i find some wise words, i will let you know. praying for you guys!

p.s. the one great thing you can hold onto is that God can take it, whatever it is you need to say to Him. He won't leave no matter how hard you push. He knows your heart.