Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Random Ramblings

It's been a while since I've posted anything; not that I don't have anything to say . . . I just haven't had a lot of time for blogging lately. I've been reading, just not writing. So, I thought I'd just give a bit of insight into my world of late.

1. Our 2-year old truck needs a new transmission. Since January 2009, this is the third truck-related issue we've had and quite frankly, I'm getting tired of it. Thankfully Wayne is on the night shift this week so he and I are able to share the car. When I get home from work he leaves. With my car. That means I'm basically stranded at home in the evening, but my neighbor has offered me her vehicle in the event that I need it for something. It will be over a week before we get the truck back.

2. It has been frigid here. Last night the temperature (with the wind-chill) reached -49 degrees Celsius. That's insane for March. By Friday it's supposed to be melting. Go figure.

3. I keep gaining weight. Pants that I intentionally shrank in Fall are now getting too tight. It's embarrassing. I shouldn't have shrank the pants. It seems my 5 pound gain may have increased to 8 pounds (see post below if this doesn't make any sense to you).

4. My job has taken an interesting turn. In a couple of weeks I'll be getting paid to shop and hang out with friends. More on that later.

5. I'm thoroughly enjoying Season 8 of American Idol. My favorite is Danny Gokey.

6. I never seem to overcome the laundry issue.

7. My boys are on a new "Chores" program which we implemented last week. They are thrilled with my new system and can't wait to get their chores done each day.

8. In light of some stories I've been hearing lately, I'm grateful for the boys I have. My parenting issues with my youngest two boys pale in comparison to what some other parents have to endure.

9. I wish I could snap my fingers and have all the renovation and upgrades done in our home. But I know this is wishful thinking. If money were no object . . .

10. Speaking of money, I don't get what all this recession talk is about. We personally have not felt the effects of the recession. Maybe that's because we've lived in our own little recession for our whole married life.

11. I was only going to write 10 things, but I must share this with you as well. I feel God planting an idea in me to start a summer outreach program for the kids in our community. It's all in the preliminary stages (in other words: I am scared to death to do this, but I feel God prompting me). I'll keep you posted on this as the plan develops.

I hope this post finds you warm, cozy and well. I'm going to go try some Green Earl Grey Tea. I'm not sure how it's going to be, but it's worth a sip or two, I'm sure.



michelle said...

I'm so glad you posted an update. I have been watching to see what you have been up to lately.

While you were dealing with your record freezing temperatures, we were experiencing 10C here. My mom was ready to change places. Where we live, we can either get the cold air from Canada or the warm air from the south and we just seem to oscillate back and forth between warm and cold, snow and thaw, all winter long. Hang in there. It hopefully won't be much longer now...what, maybe two months more? Unless you get one of those freak June snow storms.


~Rain``` said...

Very interesting. I would love to hear about the new chores system with your boys! Also, totally relate with wishing you could snap your fingers and the renos are done. There are so many little and big things I'd like to accomplish on this place. But, like you said, our life is in permanent recession mode as well (therefore the official recession doesn't matter to us either). Thus extra money to spiff up the place is hard to come by. Sorry to hear about the truck. I don't like those unexpected expenses!

Exciting to hear about the possibility of a summer program. I think that is great and I encourage you to go through with it!

stacey said...

i love updates like this!

i totally need to hear more about the job (are you taking some special kids on a life skills outing?!), the chore system (help! share!), and the summer project!!

Kimmie said...


Go with God...never fear, that only comes from the enemy of our souls. Praying for you friend.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

The Walker Family said...

Hi Kim,
Sounds like you all are busy, hope things are warming up for you there and that the truck doesn't cost too much to fix. I'm doing much better, thanks for your is fine thankfully, we were quite concerned there for a bit but all is well now. :)