Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Michelle, Where Are You?

I've been trying to connect to the blog of my friend, Michelle, for a few days now, and I keep getting the same message from Google telling me that her blog address does not exist (or something along those lines). Michelle at North of the 49, please, if you read this, let me know that you are okay; and that your blog is okay. I was visiting your blog last week and didn't have any problems linking to it . . . I need to know your baby news!

If anyone else who is not Michelle would like to click on the link in my sidebar listed as Michelle, please do . . . and let me know if you were able to connect to her blog.

I hope you're okay, Michelle.

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michelle said...


I'm here and just starting to cull through my 1000 and some Google Reader messages I haven't gotten around to reading. I broke out in a huge smile when I got to your posts about me. Believe me, I feel terrible to have disappeared. We are doing home renovations, and everytime the power goes off (which is often), my blog goes down. I do apologize to you and everyone else who came by for news and couldn't access it.

I gave birth to our little boy, Isaac, on March 13 after a whirlwind delivery. I will see if he gives me any time today to type something up for my blog and get it posted.

Thanks so much for giving me a shout-out. It has just made my day!