Thursday, November 20, 2008

One Year Later . . .

Before you begin to read this post, please be advised that I've somehow messed up the Html in this and I have no idea how to fix it . . . This post is supposed to be made up of several paragraphs; instead, it is sort of one BIG paragraph. I apologize in advance for the difficulty you may have in reading this properly . . . .
Last year around this time, my son, Mitchell was struggling in school. Big time. Not academically, but behaviorally and socially. You can read about it here.
Last week Mitchell & Ty received their first report cards for grades 4 and 2 respectively. I was impressed by both reports. While Ty has the upper-hand on his older brother academically, I was not disappointed with Mitchell's results at all. He is doing very well; and he has made huge progress in the area of appropriate behavior and focusing on his work. Last year he spent from November until June sitting at the front of the class . . . his desk set firmly against the white-board at the front of the room. This was his choice and while it helped him with his inattentiveness and desire to chat with his classmates, it was obviously not the ideal solution. I felt bad for him last year because he was "segregated" from the other kids in the class. However, this year his desk is smack-dab in the centre of the classroom, with distractions all around. And he's functioning quite well. Yes, he still needs to improve in the area of focusing and socializing, but he is doing much better. I attribute this to answered prayer. You would not believe how much time I've spent praying for change in this area. Thank-you, Lord!
Ty is, how shall I say, a brainiac. If Wayne and I were to push the school officials, they would advance him to grade 3 right now. But in discussion on this both at home and with the teacher today at the interview, we've decided that socially this would not be advantageous for him, and his teacher went so far as to say that the other grade 2 boys in the class need Ty. Thankfully Ty's teacher recognizes our desire for change and more challenge for Ty academically. So, together we came up with an action plan of how to provide more challenge for Ty in the classroom. Hopefully it doesn't backfire on us.
I am amazed at the minds of my children. I'm even more amazed at how social they both are. For those of you who know me now (possibly not those who only know me through blogging), it is hard to believe that in my elementary (and even high school) years, the teachers did not view me as outgoing, talkative or animated. In fact, my grade 1 teacher wrote in my very first report card: "Kim tends to be quiet and lets the others take over". While that is still true of me to some extent today (in some unique settings), I have come a long way from that point, 30 years later. However, in school, I was quiet. I worked hard. I was quiet. I only spoke if I was spoken to. I was quiet. I found every teacher, aside from my Home-Ec teacher, intimidating. Therefore, I did as I was told and didn't really question a whole lot of authority. Of course, home-life was a different story. That's when all the words, both good and bad, were emitted. My poor parents.
Now that I've gotten on a tangent, I think I'll stop. And just so you know, this is not what I originally intended to post on today. But I really wanted to acknowledge that God answers prayers for change. My son is living proof of that. I have so many topics and thoughts floating around in my brain that I really need to get them out . . . . breathe, Kimmy. One post at a time.


~Rain``` said...

Wonderful! You have GREAT boys and you and Wayne are wonderful parents. I am happy that Mitchell is doing better in school.

Chris said...

so... what's the solution to Ty's situation? You left me hanging there... may I ask what you, Wayne and his teacher came up with?

Kimmy said...

Rain: Thanks.

Chris: Well, she's going to be providing him with grade 3 spelling, grade 3 (or higher) reading and related activities (i.e. elevated phoics/comprehension stuff); the math program is taught by a different teacher so I've got to talk to her about providing more challenges for him in that area . . . or he may join the actual grade 3 class for math time. In any other subjects he will likely follow along with the other students, such as science and health, but she may give him more work beyond the regular program. At home we will continue to encourage math beyond what they do in school by way of on-line games and worksheets/workbooks; and as we've always done in the past, continue to create a learning environment at home. This means being intentional in the family activites we do . . . incorporating learning into everyday life.

Kristy said...

He does indeed answer prayers. (maybe not always how we expect though, huh?)
What a sweet post, Kimmy. I have missed you.
I too, am having a hard time with blogging; wishing I could do more and share more of my thoughts and what God has been teaching me........someday.
Be blessed, this week, my friend.