Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bang On!

I haven't had "real" bangs for years . . . in fact, in a previous life, my philosophy on bangs was, "the higher the better". And back then my bangs were sky high; following that, in trying to keep with the times and letting my bangs down, I became perm girl with bangs that resembled a cabbage roll. Unfortunately for me, this is the oh-so-appealing look I dawned for my wedding pictures. I've been thinking about getting bangs again for quite some time, and today I took the plunge; I'm pleased with the results. It also helps to have a great hairdresser . . . I wasn't too concerned knowing that she'd be in control of the scissors (and the dye--ha! ha! I love being blonde).

Here's my new look:


Carol said...

Looking good, Kim! Sorry I missed you today. I would love to get together with you sometime. Call or email me and maybe we can schedule something in. :)

~Rain``` said...

Kimmy... wow! The picture of you with the blue background could be a CD cover! Honestly! You look great!

Kristy said...

Oh my GERSH!!! You look stunning!!
I'm here to announce you are my winner!!! Yee Haw!
If you would so kindly email me at mkgundy @ juno. com
with your address - I will get your treats out to you!!!
**big hugs**

Becky said...

Pretty! Makes me think of trying bangs again too!

amy said...

you look wonderful