Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This Boot Cast Is Made For Walking . . .

So, I know this is a pretty enormous (and kind of blurry) picture of what my walking boot cast looks like, except mine is mostly grey with black straps and a black base. I actually wish mine looked like the one in the picture . . . I'd rather have all black. But then again, beggars can't be choosers . . . oh yeah, right. I did not beg, nor did I choose to have a broken foot for the majority of the summer. My first possible day to have my cast off permanently is August 18. That only leaves 9 days for me to be cast-free before the boys (and hopefully me) return to school. Yikes!!!

All in all, things with the cast are going well. I keep reminding myself that things could be worse. A lot worse. For instance, I could have broken my right foot instead of my left foot; that would have resulted in me not being able to drive. And honestly, that would have driven me crazy. As well, I do not require crutches. Imagine trying to go up and down a flight of 17 stairs to the bathroom and to the bedrooms up teen times a day with crutches. Not to mention the inability to push my own shopping cart, clean my house, cook and bake properly, etc. etc. Another benefit to my cast is that I can actually clean my foot on a daily basis. I can bath or shower without having to worry about getting my cast wet, because I can take it off completely for those moments, and only those moments. I have to sleep with it on, which can be a bit uncomfortable at times, but I'm following doctors' orders . . . at least in that department. The rule about resting and not using my foot too much hasn't been adhered to very well. I am honestly trying to rest my foot in the evening, but even that is a stretch for me. I've got too much to do and not enough time to do it in.

We got our computer back one week ago, but yet it has taken me until today to finally post something. Between visiting family and friends, picking berries, weeding and watering the garden and flowerbeds, thoroughly cleaning and purging in the boys' rooms, general housework, laundry and meal preparation, as well as preparing our entries for the local agricultural fair that is being held this weekend, I haven't had much computer time. Hopefully once the fair is over with, life will slow down a bit. Oh right. Wayne's on holidays starting tomorrow (for 2 weeks!!!) . . . and we've got plans to do some little activities with the boys, as finances will allow. I'm still waiting to find out if I qualify for employment insurance, and until such time, we're kind of strapped. And rising fuel costs, grocery costs, energy costs, etc. aren't helping the situation. At all.

I found earlier this week that my job does not exist. However, another 2 positions have been created, so I'll be applying for them. One is for 4.5 hours a day and the other is for 5.4 hours a day. It's been a frustrating road regarding my employment, and what it basically boils down to is union politics. So now I have to wait until August 27, 2008 at the earliest to find out if I'll even be considered for one of the two E.A. positions available at our school.

I find myself spending a lot of time waiting this summer . . . maybe God is trying to teach me patience? Just a thought.


Amy said...

Hi Friend, I am so, so sorry. I know it's no fun to be laid up and restricted, but time will pass quickly. I promise you!

Last year at this time I was still bedridden and I cannot believe how quickly this time has passed! I'm out in the world again doing the things I love.

So hang in there and know that I am praying for healing and a quick recovery! Use this time to rest up and let your family take care of you and help out a bit more. REST that foot girl!

In His Love, Amy

The Walker Family said...

Hi Kim, I wish I could change things for you. I know how you feel...I had my right foot in a cast/boot during Christmas in 2005 and then they put me on crutches while I was battling morning sickness...and dealing with a one and a half year old...thankfully Geoff took on a lot of duties, but it's impossible to follow doctor's orders exactly when your a mom :). Try and rest will make for a better healing and less risk for further injury later. I know you know that :) Just take good care!

Kristy said...

I'm so sorry about your foot! You poor thing.
I'm so glad your able to get out and about - I know how important that is.
Praying for you friend.
Blessings ~

Kristy said...

Me again - either I didn't notice it, or you just put in up: but that picture of you is BEAUTIFUL!!!
Wow, girl!

Becky said...

Awe man. That SUCKS.