Saturday, March 8, 2008

Spring is Springing!

Crocus tommasinianus

I'm so happy to report that Spring is on its way around here! Yesterday after school the boys and I were outside playing without mittens or winter jackets. This weekend it's supposed to be warm, so I hope that stays true. Earlier this week it felt like we were back in January when the temperatures really plummeted.

While I like this time of year, there are parts of it I dislike. I dislike the condition of my dogs once the snow melts and the mud emerges. Two of my dogs are white, and in spring they become the color of dirt. I also find picking out clothes with the boys frustrating as well, because in the morning it's often cooler and the temperatures get higher throughout the day. That means that the outerwear they require in the morning is vastly different from what they require by the end of the day. In the springtime, they usually come off the bus carrying their outerwear or stuffing it into their backpacks, because they're so warm.

One thing about living in Saskatchewan . . . there are definitely four seasons and each season brings its positives and negatives. I like watching the seasons change before my eyes . . . God's creation is amazing!

P.S. Crocus flowers like in the picture above are not emerging just yet. But as a child, there was a little contest that occurred among the students to find out who could find the first crocus of the season . . . bring it to school and present it to the teacher. Crocuses always remind me of that. Right now we still have lots of snow covering the ground . . . it will be several weeks before the crocuses bloom.


Kristy said...

Hello my friend!
First off, thank you so much for your encouragement and prayers throughout this amazing journey of ours. We are still in awe over everything.
I have missed you!
I also want to say that I am SO PROUD OF YOU. You are one amazing gal, in my book - and your obedience to the Lord will show you how amazing it is to be in His will - may you be richly blessed, my friend. (even tho' right now between yelling, school,and homework - you probably aren't feeling so ' blessed ' ;o)!!)
Being a Mama is THE most important job in the world - the enemy tries to tell us different........where ever your journey may lead you next, know that I'm praying for you....and cheering you on.
Blessings to you ~

plettdaphne said...

Hi Kim - I sent you an e-mail and am just wondering if you received it or if I am sending it to an address that is no longer current. I read your blog almost daily - and I miss you! If you didn't receive my e-mail, could you let me know? Love you! Daph