Friday, February 1, 2008


After yesterday's post not much has changed regarding my dilemma. However, after sharing with my best friend about all that's been on my heart in the last while, she reminded me of some things. Firstly, God loves me. He wants what's best for me and even if I think something is insignificant to Him, it's not. He cares. He hears my cries and He is listening. Secondly, God speaks to different people in different ways. Sometimes His voice is more audible than others. Sometimes the answer comes through the Word of God; sometimes it is obvious by the way life falls into place and it's only by God's hand and direction that life is taking a certain turn, whether good or bad; sometimes God speaks through nature and our surroundings; and sometimes it is quite possible that God uses other people to get His message across.

As I consider the possible ways God might be speaking to me right now, I feel encouraged to know that my answer will come. But sometimes God says "wait" instead of "yes" or "no". I do believe that all prayers are answered in one of the three ways that I just listed. God will answer this prayer of mine. I'm waiting on an answer and discerning all the possibilities of what He's already told me regarding the issue currently on my heart and mind. I've realized that this might take some time and I've got to learn to be more patient.

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