Monday, February 4, 2008

Boring or Scary?

Please allow me to lament for a moment.

I know people read my blog. You see, I have this handy little tool called a "site meter" and it advises me that I get 40+ viewings of my blog per day. However, comments are lacking.

I've concluded that this is a result of one of two things. One, either what I've been posting is boring and irrelevant. Or two, what I've been posting is too scary and no one really wants to let me know what they think about what I've posted lately.

In all seriousness, I was expecting some response to my posts regarding the voice of God and seeking His direction in my life and how I'm struggling with this. Maybe I'm the only one that has had an experience like this . . . that is the conclusion I'm drawing at this point, due to the lack of feedback on current posts.

And for any of you lurkers out there, please reveal yourselves. I don't bite. I love visitors. But I like it when I know who you are. So please, leave me a comment. And if you have your own blog, I'll pay you a visit too!

UPDATE: To all of you who've left comments . . . thank you. I didn't write this post in order to solicit comments, and I know there are many times that I read posts and don't leave a comment either (sometimes I'm just "surfing" through all the blogs I like to read in a short amount of time and have no time to write a comment). I don't expect a comment just because you visit me. I guess I was just hoping for some insight or suggestions on how, through your own personal walk with the Lord, you've been able to get through times like these. That's all. So please, don't feel obligated to comment every time you read one of my posts.


Carol said...

I apologize for not commenting. Actually I rarely comment on anyone's blog. I thought it would be easier to talk to you face to face about the issues you're facing than posting a comment on your blog (it was nice to see you on Sunday). And by the way, I don't think you are boring or scary. :)

stacey said...

it is what i like to call "hitting too close to home". i am right there with you, and truthfully, i wonder how in the heck did i get to be 38 and find myself u-turning right back to many of the scary places i had already passed through!

Mel said...


I am praying for you- Praying that the Lord would be moved to compassion and to answer your prayers, according to His will.

I love how Daniel prays and he cries out to God and pleads to God to be moved to action!

That's my prayer for you sister!

Please do keep us posted on your journey.

Thank you for sharing with us your struggles. The Fact is we all are walking the narrow road. It's not easy and there are more struggles than any of us care to be totally real about!

The truth is- Faith in Christ is Costly- I love that you are being real - this road is not an easy one we walk.. but thank goodness we have HOPE in CHRIST!

Blessings to you -

Amy said...

Kimmy, my dear girl. I pray for you so much and every time I start to get to email you my husband noses into my business! I try to keep all the blogging stuff a secret just because I want something of my very own!

You are on my heart girl. Always. I stop by your place and look at your picture and pray for you. Probably sounds silly, but I do. I wish I was there to sit with you and pray with you and study the Bible together and look for answers from Him.

You are not alone. I can promise you that! Please keep sharing your heart so openly.

Love you girl!

Amy said...

Okay, I have to apologize because I just reread my comment and noticed I kept saying girl. I am so sorry. I don't know why I did that. Please replace the word girl with friend! Thank you. That sounds better!

Chris said...

I've added you to my RSS Feeds (or whatever that's called), so I'm checking in with you as you update... you're in my thoughts and prayers... it's hard to comment on the "vagueness" sometimes, but I know on a public blog it's not wise to bare all. As I pray for direction, it's often for eyes to see and ears to hear the different ways He affirms or directs my path... often through friends, and Bible passages, and by physically closed doors when I'm not taking the subtle hints!!! With a covering of blessing,

Kristy said...

This bloggy world can be interesting; when I have posted some of my most deepest thoughts in the past - the comments are few, if any. But if I post something lite hearted and not really 'deep', there are a lot more responses......hmmm. Not a bad thing....just interesting.
Love your heart, Kimmy. Know that I too, am praying for you ( I miss the 'pinkness' color of your blog....!)
Keep blogging, my friend - I learn much from you.