Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Do you want to know my most recent obsession?

Jigsaw puzzles.

Wayne is still wondering who I am and what I did with his real wife.

You see, Wayne loves to do jigsaw puzzles. And until 5 days ago, I didn't. I avoided them at all costs. I found no satisfaction in sitting for hours trying to piece together tiny pieces of cardboard into one huge picture that you look at for as long as you allow it to sit on the table space that it occupies in your home, disassemble it and put it away for a long period of time until you decide to waste away hours once again at some point in the future, re-doing the puzzle.

My view on this has now changed. I don't know why. I don't know how. It just has. Since Saturday, we've put together three jigsaw puzzles as a family. One was 500 pieces; two were 700 pieces. And when I'm done writing this post, I'm going to go dig out another puzzle and begin piecing it together.

What I enjoy most about doing puzzles is the fact that all four of us can work on it together. It provides us with a unique way to spend time together as a family, allowing a time for communication without actually having to sit down face-to-face to discuss the issues at hand. And apparently puzzles are a way to increase one's ability to focus and concentrate, which my boys need, especially Mitchell.

So, if I'm not at work, preparing food, cleaning the house, blogging, etc. I'm likely immersed in our family's latest attempt at solving a puzzle.

Jigsaws . . . here I come!


michelle said...

Dear Kim,

I love doing puzzles with my kids. My husband will sometimes join in, but not as often. I agree, it provides you with a time where you can talk together, but focus on the puzzle pieces instead of having to look directly at someone, which seems to open up communication more.

I also really enjoy doing puzzle/thinking games on the computer. I have Hoyle Puzzle Games, which has a great selection of puzzles of all types. I find that if I can get one part of my brain working "mindlessly" on a puzzle, that I often find myself using the other part of my brain for thinking over something that is bothering me, or more importantly, praying. Maybe I am strange that way, in that I can do that, but it really helps me focus on one particular thing.


Mel said...


I hope your week is finishing well! You have been on my mind alot this week and I just pray that you are healing from the disappointment and hurt of what you shared earlier.

I love Jigzaw puzzles. We use to do them all the time in China because in the evenings there wasn't anything else to do. Someone gave our family 2 puzzle sets that were well over 1000 pieces. I can't remember the name of the maker but they were AMAZING. One was a picture of the ARK and it wasn't just the animals and the water that made it special but it had like a story to it. So as you put it together you were reading and discovering all kinds of things. It allowed us to teach the kids about Creation and the story of Noah. Wonderful puzzles. You should look for them. :)

Makes me want to find a good one and start putting it together! :)

Have a Peaceful and Restful weekend.

{Karla} said...

it must be something in the air.

I've been in love with puzzles recently too. can't get enough of them.

Now we know what to do together when we finally get to meet ;0)