Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Blessing of Shopping

Yesterday when I went into work I was blessed by a surprise from my boss. He sent his wife (who also works for him and is actually another boss of mine), along with her three office assistants on a shopping spree at a local mall. We were equipped with a gift certificate, a specialty coffee drink of our choice, lunch and three hours in which to do some power-shopping. Unfortunately, I have yet to spend my certificate, simply due to the fact that the stores I needed to enter in order to get what I wanted were stores we didn't quite make it into. That's fine, though. I can go myself sometime and finish up with my treat. My best friend has some certificates for the same mall, so she and I will probably have a shopping trip sometime later this month.

This "escape from work" (literally) is just what I needed to help get me motivated to return to my workplace. The next four months are going to be busy there, especially as tax season approaches and from what I've been told, we'll be experiencing ultimate mayhem come April.

Over the past several days I've been reflecting on my disappointment (see Friday's post) and the underlying cause of my disappointment. Friends have provided me with suggested solutions to the emotional anguish I've been experiencing and I'm coming to realize that there are other options in managing my thought life regarding myself and my current lack of self-esteem. It's a process. A slow, sometimes grueling process that I lies ahead of me. God's not finished with me yet. Not by a long-shot.


Kristy said...

I love this!
To me, your whole fun surprise was totally from the Lord - He knew you needed that !!
Love it.
Love it !!
Blessings ~

Amy said...

Kristy said exactly what I was thinking too. He knew you needed a pick me up and provided it. You and I are struglling right now, but we both know God is our strength and refuge. I feel for those who have no hope. Who do they go to?

I'm actually going to counseling with my Pastor and his wife Thursday night and talk things over with them. I want to handle all situations in a godly manner. And I feel comfortable enough to talk with them and let them know how human I've been lately. Do you know what I mean? I know they won't judge me, but show me from the Bible exactly what I need!

Hugs and prayers for you daily Kimmy.

stacey said...

hi kimmy!

my last several emails to you have not been delivered, so i must have done something wrong with my input.

i have been thinking of you and hoping for brighter days for you. just wanted you to know.

what an incredible work situation you have!

Kimmie said...

Kimmy! What a wonderful surprise...what kind of coffe did you get and what did you use the gift certificate for??

we have adoption news...come by...

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted