Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Visit to the Principal's Office . . . An In-School Suspension . . . He's Lucky He's So Cute!

Yep. It's happened. My son had to visit the Principal's office today. And I had a phone call from the Principal about it all. Mitchell's been given an in-school suspension (which, for an eight-year old, means he has to do homework during recess . . . ). The other child involved in the "incident" has been suspended from school for a day. Apparently more severe consequences come to those who take a child 2 years younger than them, much smaller and weaker than them, and toss them over their shoulder, causing them to land head first into a cement pad. Yes, that's what happened to my son. All because of a disagreement over a basketball at recess.

I'm still shaking my head over this, and honestly, I've been crying quite a lot over the whole ordeal as well. Thankfully Mitchell's head seems to be doing okay now, but the whole incident has really affected him in a negative way.

I've never been a rule-breaker. As a child, I obeyed in school. I wasn't a rabble-rouser, and I just wanted to be good. You might say I was the teacher's pet. Perhaps that's not everyone's ambition in life, but as a child, it was mine. And, for the most part, I was able to fulfill my quest for perfect behavior in school.

Apparently, Mitchell does not share the same ambition I did as a child. On the contrary, quite the opposite is happening. And it's happening right before this mama's eyes. Her sad, tear-filled eyes. And because of my childhood ambition, I don't understand my son. I truly don't get it.

Please pray for Mitchell. Please pray for Wayne and I. Like I eluded to in the post below, we've been doing a lot of EXTRA praying around here this week. Very deliberate, intentional praying . . . that Satan's power would not take over the boys, particular while they're at school. I know Satan is testing me (us) in the area of parenting, and right now I feel like he's winning. God, please . . . HELP!


Amy said...

Kimmy, believe it or not I just went through the same thing. Only my son is 17 and he got into a fist fight and was suspended for three days. And this was all over a rubber band! I am trying my hardest to get a real e-mail to you. I promise I am. I do understand what you're going through right now and I will pray about the situation. We cannot let Satan win! Love ya girl, I really do. Cling closely to God because He is in control. Plus He loves Mitchell even more than you and Wayne. Sometimes I forget that myself.

{Karla} said...

this is the sort of thing i am certain to be facing one day too...

prayers and blessings,