Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nothing Major

So, I just spoke with our mechanic this morning and he's advised that they couldn't really find anything "wrong" with my car. The battery power and alternator are good . . . they changed the oil (which we asked them to do) and replaced a burnt out bulb for one of the back brake lights (which we asked them to do) and basically, that's it. The mechanic thinks the starting problems had more to do with loose or dirty wire connections under the hood and no other major problems were discovered. So . . . a bill under $100 is sitting really well with this car-owner.

Once again I must proclaim that I serve an amazing God!


Kristy said...

Yup - our God is pretty amazing, huh?
Hey cute lady, have a wonderful Thanksgiving !
Blessings and hugs ~

Kristy said...

Oops - duh on the Thanksgiving thing ! You already had yours!!