Thursday, November 22, 2007

He's Still an Amazing God!

The car died again today. I left for work this morning with no problems whatsoever. But when I went to start the car after work, it wouldn't start. I called Wayne and he suggested I "wiggle" the battery wires a bit and see if that did anything (since the mechanic thought it was a loose wiring connection that was causing the original problem). So, after much prayer and Wayne's suggestion, the car started. But then the battery light was continually flashing on and off all the way home, and I almost made it home before it stalled. I had to leave the car stopped at the stop sign right at the end of our driveway and walk (or, should I say, run) towards the house. Wayne was waiting for me so that he could leave for work. He got the truck and towed me back into our yard. I've been "checking" on the car every now and then, attempting to start it again, but with no success.

What to do now? We're not sure. Obviously, Wayne and I haven't even had a chance to discuss what the next step is. But apparently the mechanic was wrong . . . there is something wrong with the car and I really hope the problem can be solved. In an inexpensive way. I can't go to my car each time I want to drive it, wondering whether or not it's going to start! And when you've got two little boys in tow, you really, really don't want to be stranded on a grid road in the middle of nowhere.

BUT, as my title states, He's Still and Amazing God. Yes, He is. God's going to work this out. My patience and trust in Him are being tested. And I'm going to allow God to use this time to build my character. Because really, do I have a choice in the matter? No.

P.S. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my American friends!


{Karla} said...

arghh, CARS...

You are so right though. I'm still driving around with a tarp and duck tape over my window from when my husband had to bust it out. We can't afford to get it fixed anytime soon, but I know the Lord knows our needs.

Praying for you, friend.


Amy said...

My daughter's car died completely and is terminal. Sadness! She just bought a 1994 Taurus and boy do I hope it lasts!

God is good and is right there guiding you as you seek His will.

It is hard though when you need something like a car. I will be praying!