Thursday, October 4, 2007

Vacation Pics . . . Finally!

Here's a synopsis of our summer vacation as well as a little photo collage highlighting the fun we had as a family. We took the vacation two months ago . . . sorry for the delay in getting this post together. I have no reason for the delay . . . I just didn't do it.

The majority of our trip was spent with my best friend and her family. She's got two girls aged 5 and 18 months, with another one on the way. These girls are like sisters to my boys, so it made for an interesting time.

On day one we travelled to Drumheller, Alberta and visited the World's Largest Dinosaur, Reptile World, the Tyrrell Museum and the Little Church. We camped out in tents. The following day we travelled to Calgary, Alberta, and visited the Calgary Zoo and again, camped out. Then we packed up and did one final thing, which turned out to be my favorite activity during the entire trip. We visited the Telus Science Centre in Calgary. The boys had a great time checking out all the cool science stuff. I did too, and I don't even really enjoy science that much. We then left for home and along the way we made a stop at the Hoodoos, which is a natural phenomenon of stones and cliffs worn away naturally. It's hard to explain. All I can say is it was cool.

So, that's our Summer Vacation 2007 in a nutshell. Check out the pictures. They speak for themselves.

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{Karla} said...

your boys are so so so cute!!!


stacey said...

oh, it looks like great fun!!

Amy said...

Your boys are irresistable (sorry if it's not spelled right!). And you are mighty cute yourself ;o)