Friday, August 3, 2007

Feeling Better

I thought I should update you all on my current health status. I'm feeling BETTER! Praise the Lord!

Yesterday after I posted I did a couple of minor things and solicited the help of my husband and boys . . . they did more than I expected, which eased my load a lot. Then, I decided to head undercover in my bed for a hour before Thomas arrived . . . but he called late morning and said they were behind schedule and he wouldn't be arriving until 2:00 p.m. at the earliest. So, that gave both Wayne and I a chance to get some more recuperative napping in, and our younger boys . . . well, they blew us away with their ability to get along and find safe and productive things to do while we were resting.

By the time Thomas had arrived at 3:10 p.m., I was feeling at 80% of my potential wellness, and was quite capable of completing my tasks for the day and even managed to pull off a very delicious supper.

Today, I'm back to 100% and am busy packing and doing the last-minute things that are required prior to leaving on a mini-vacation. I'll let you know all about it next week after I return.

Have a GREAT weekend, everyone!!!


Amy said...

Yay! I was hoping to stop by and see that you were on the mend. Good to hear! And I'm glad your boys did well too so you could get some much needed rest!

Praying for travel mercies and a wonderful time. "See" you when you return! Missing you in the meantime, Amy

Laane said...

Glad you feel better now.
Sometimes those bugs hit us harder than they do the kids.

Have a nice trip!

Mel said...

Hi Kim,

I know it's as if I fell of the face of the earth. Finally in a place and feeling a bit more settled. :)

Wanted to stop by and say hi and I'm glad you are feeling better. Hope you get your strength back and enjoy your vacation!

Blessings on you!

Kristy said...

So glad your feeling better!

Have a wonderful trip, Kim.