Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Close . . . But No Eraser!

Ty's appointment at the ear, throat and nose specialist ended the way that I suspected it would . . . unsuccessfully.

Ty's level of cooperation for the new doctor (Dr. M) was phenomenally better than it was for the foreign doctor we saw on Friday. I could see the pain in his face as Dr. M did his best to remove the eraser from Ty's ear canal, but it eventually became too much to bear. My poor little guy just couldn't withstand the pain any longer and burst into tears about 3 minutes into the procedure. Last time he started wailing within 30 seconds. So, he tried. He really tried.

Dr. M informed me that the piece of eraser is precisely the same size as Ty's ear canal, therefore making it extremely difficult for him to remove under normal circumstances. So, he has now booked Ty for day surgery next Tuesday and hopes to have success with the removal process while Ty "sleeps".

I had really hoped this whole ordeal would be over and done with before Ty starts school this Thursday, but it appears he'll have to miss a day of school next week in order to undergo this minor procedure to (finally) remove the eraser. While I'm not exactly thrilled with the idea of Ty having to have anesthetic at this stage in his life, I have witnessed his pain as he's undergone previous attempts to have the eraser removed while awake, and putting him under seems to be the best solution to the problem.

Yesterday after the appointment and particularly later in the evening, Ty's ear was hurting quite a bit. But, thankfully a dose of Advil and a good night's sleep has given Ty a new lease on today and his ear isn't bothering him at the moment.

The first time I took Ty to the doctor to have the eraser removed, it was just he and I. Yesterday, Mitchell came along as well, because Wayne had to go to work and the timing of the appointment and when Wayne leaves for work didn't jive. So, Mitchell was present while Ty went through yesterday's ordeal, and I could tell by the look on his face while Ty was enduring the pain, that this was difficult for Mitchell to watch. Much later in the day, Mitchell told me that he wished that the eraser would have been stuck in his ear rather than Ty's, because then he would have had to endure the pain instead of Ty. He felt so sorry for Ty that he wanted to become him just for the moment of pain in order to save Ty from it. What compassion. I was near tears when Mitchell told me this. Of course, I felt the same way Mitchell did. I'm sure most parents would sacrifice their own comfort for their child . . . but it was so wonderful for me to hear from Mitchell that he cares that much for his little brother, and that he wanted to take the pain for Ty.

So, once again, I do covet your prayers regarding next Tuesday. I'll find out later today what time this all happens. And I have yet to explain to Ty that he'll be receiving a needle in order to be put to sleep. At this point all I've been calling it is an intravenous line (which is what the ER doctor called it on Friday night), but I haven't explained to him exactly what that is. I'm not sure how well he'll take it . . . but the procedure is almost a week away, so I'd rather not instill any fear in him just yet.


Becky said...

Awe! Poor guy! I was really hoping to see some good news on here today. I'll be praying for him on Tuesday for sure. I'm putting a note on my fridge.

Krazy Kelsey said...

My prayers are with you and Ty as he undergoes the little surgery. I hope he's safe and he doesn't get to scared. I also hope it doesn't hurt him to much. Don't worry Auntie Kim I'm sure he'll be Ok. That's is so touching what Mitchell said. My brothers probably wouldn't say that. Ty's lucky to have an older brother like Mitchell!

Sending with love, Kelsey

stacey said...

just awful! what a trooper he is (and you!). keep us up-to-date!

Chris said...

wow... I feel for you guys... especially Ty... I was also thinking this must be over by now. I will pray for a incident-free surgery, and calm nerves for all of you!

e-Mom said...

What an ordeal for all of you! Poor little guy. I'm glad Ty isn't in any pain right now though.

Maybe some day in the distant future, you'll all look back on this experience and laugh. Let's hope and pray the traumatic part is forgotten soon.

BTW, happy belated birthday. :~)

Kim said...

I'll be praying for you guys as well. It's tough to see your child in pain and frightened. Curtis broke his arm late spring and had an IV line hooked up. The nurses were great and made a really cool cover for it so he couldn't touch it or pull it out. They put stickers on him too. I'll be praying you get a really gentle and kind nurse.

Mel said...

Tell him to try to dream in color and to talk to things.. :) that always takes the fear out of these kinds of events. :) When our son had to have tubes put in his ear he was afraid of being alone and I told him to dream in color and that made him think about what he was going to dream - took his mind off the whole ordeal. :) Might help calm his nerves.. of course he may not be scared at all! :)

will be praying for him.... and you!