Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Window Art

Tyrone received this book for his birthday from Wayne and I. He had seen it at Costco a couple of weeks ago and asked if it would be a possibility for a birthday present. Sure, we told him we'd consider it. Two days later I returned to Costco to pick up the Window Art book he wanted (there was another one with a different cover). Yesterday he received this gift and this afternoon he and I began our Window Art adventure.

It was so fun! The suggested age for this book is 8 and up, but Ty is a little bit ahead of most six-year old boys when it comes to arts and crafts, so I thought it would be alright for him. And it was. He needed some assistance with his project, but it was minimal. The great thing about this is that I wanted to do this craft just as much as he did (maybe even more).

Patience is required in order to do this particular craft. Tyrone isn't known to be the most patient child in the world, but I was truly amazed at how well both he and Mitchell exemplified a level of patience I didn't know either of them were capable of. Ty told me that this was a good craft for him because he was hoping to become a more patient person. This will definitely help with that.

The following is a promo for the book Window Art, as provided by Klutz, a company known for their crafty products. I checked out their website today and I was amazed at all the craft ideas they have to offer. I'll definitely be investing in more of their products in the future.

Trace. Squirt. Peel. Stick. Making beautiful works of Window Art couldn't be easier. Twenty different illustrators created more than a hundred pieces of easy to trace art. Window Art features a new pallet of great colors including two with sparkly glitter and large scale projects incorporating small pieces that can turn even a sliding glass door into a window art masterpiece. It's simple. It's satisfying. And with glowing results, what more could you want?


Kristy said...

So do you actually create it on the window and then let it dry?
Does it come off the glass easy?
I had my eye on this for a gift as well!

Kimmy said...

Kristy: You start by choosing a pattern from the 100 patterns in the book. Then you place the plastic sheet (provided) over that page and outline the pattern with the black paint. The outline needs to set for at least an hour (or more if possible) and then you "fill in" the outline with the other paint colors. Then, this must sit and dry for 24 hours (ours actually took less . . . about 19 hours). Once the picture is completely dry, you peel it off the plastic and press it onto a glass window. It looks sort of like stained glass and it peels off really easily. The instructions in the book are great, and there are LOTS of patterns to choose from. I hope this helps. Sorry I didn't explain it better in my post.
Have a great day!

Kristy said...

You explained it perfectly!
I actually think that I may get this and stash it for Christmas....if I can wait that long!!!