Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Kid is RAD - Part 7

I had continued to write about my life experience on this topic, and it was posted on my blog for several hours today, so some of you may have actually read it. However, I've deleted this post for the time being. I'm sorry to those of you who've come here today to check out my latest RAD post and instead you've found this rambling.

Due to a comment left by a fellow blogger, I'm seriously reconsidering whether or not I should continue with posting on this topic. Unfortunately, there may be those of you who will think less of me for revealing what my life has been like in the past. My life has not been a bowl of cherries. And I'm not ashamed to admit that. My personal agenda for blogging is first for myself (because I LOVE to write), and secondly, in the case of my RAD posts in particular, it's to educate people about RAD through the eyes of someone who has actually experienced it in their life.

I'd really appreciate comments from all of my regular readers as to whether or not you believe me to be exploiting my stepson in any way by sharing my personal experience. Exploiting him is not, and never has been, my intention in writing on this topic. It was meant to be a healing tool for me. Maybe I shouldn't be doing this. Maybe I should just stop with these posts and give up trying to explain myself (again).

I certainly do not want to hurt anyone in the process of sharing my story, especially my family.

If I have offended anyone with my brutal honesty, I am sorry.

I look forward to hearing your opinions.

Thank you!

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