Friday, May 18, 2007

Mosquito Madness

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It's only the middle of May and we already have a huge mosquito problem in our part of the world. We can't even go into our yard without first spraying down with mosquito repellent. It's quite annoying.

Yesterday afternoon I was planting my flowers outside and was literally being eaten alive by mosquitoes. The boys were helping me with the flowers, but really, their main concern was killing the mosquitoes that were attacking us! My legs are covered in red welts. I've got After Bite for them, but with the large quantity of bites I've got, it will take quite some time to cover them all. I'm going to use my Aveeno Anti-Itch Lotion instead. It will relieve me quite nicely. However, it contains calamine lotion, so my skin and clothing are going to turn orange from it. Oh well.

It appears that the insect world is growing rapidly in our yard. Yesterday I discovered about 15 new bugs that I've never seen before. I'm thinking to myself, what is this place? A breeding ground for insects? Well, I guess it sort of is.

I wasn't thrilled when I discovered my biggest fear (in the area of bugs) a couple of days ago. A tick. A tick was crawling around in my bra! Yuck! I hate them. I despise them. They can do some pretty nasty things to a human (or canine) body. I hope I never see another one again.

All I have to say to the insects is: QUIT BUGGING ME!

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