Thursday, April 5, 2007

Time to Clean House!

My house is an absolute disaster right now. I'm not sure how or when it got this way. Little messes here and there have just been building up all week, I guess. My boys are now on an 11-day Easter holiday and so I know the messes will continue. But before that all begins, I need to thoroughly clean the house. My floors need washing; I need to dust; I need to tidy up the kitchen; clean the bathrooms and so much more. I don't mind untidiness so long as everything is clean.

After the housecleaning (or maybe as a break for me from cleaning), I'm going to decorate Easter eggs with the boys. They've been looking forward to doing this for weeks, and since we've got a very busy weekend ahead of us, we are going to decorate eggs today. Otherwise, Easter will be over and we won't have decorated eggs yet! That would be sad for the boys.

Okay, so my dusting cloths and mop are calling my name. Gotta go!

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e-Mom said...

Lol, me too! Must go get out the mops and brooms now. Have a blessed Easter! :~)