Monday, February 12, 2007

The Week Ahead and a Pain in the Neck

Today begins a week-long school break for my boys. I love my children; but there are times when weeks like this tend to drag on, and fighting becomes part of their daily routine. I'm praying that God will give me an extra measure of patience and love as I interact with my boys this week. I want to do some fun stuff with them each day, like decorating a Valentine's cake for their dad, coloring or crafting with them, watching movies, playing board games and doing some science experiments. To officially kick off their holiday, yesterday we took them to watch Flushed Away at Rainbow Cinemas. They really enjoyed it! And this weekend many of their cousins from far away places will be out for a visit. We can't wait.

Unfortunately for me, I have developed a major "kink" in my neck. It feels horrible, and sleeping isn't going too well. We recently purchased a brand new bed, which has been wonderful. But even the great bed isn't helping my neck issue. So I'm not sure if I need a masseuse or a chiropractor. At the moment, Ibuprofen is my best friend.

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