Friday, February 2, 2007

I Confess-- Grey's Anatomy Makes Me Cry

The cast of Grey's Anatomy

I'm not sure why, but at some point in every episode of Grey's Anatomy, I cry. This show, despite the lack of "relationship-related" morals the characters have, brings me to tears every time. There is some "realism" to the practical aspect of this show which lies in the lives of the patients. For some reason I momentarily identify with the patients, and begin to feel their pain. I feel it for the doctors and nurses who treat them too.
I'm not a member of the medical profession, but when I watch hospital shows, I'm reminded of the fact that I'd never be able to handle a career as a nurse or a doctor because I'd find it too difficult to detach myself from the patient's physical and emotional pain.
I really enjoyed last night's episode, especially at the end, when Christina told Burke that yes, she will marry him, but she doesn't "do" rings . . . Come on, Christina! Didn't you see the size of that rock?!? I know you don't want to wear it while you're in surgery, but don't you still want it for days that you're not at work and possibly on a date with your fiance? Oh yes, I forgot. Christina's dedicated to her career. No fun for her.
Burke's response to Christina's answer regarding the marriage proposal is what I particularly enjoyed. For two characters who normally keep their emotions in check, the squeals of delight that emerged from them both, as well as their huggy twirly celebration dance, made me smile. I'm glad she said yes.


Becky said...

Ahhhh Grey's. So good.

For me the ring thing was awesome. I don't wear jewlery either. I'm not wearing my rings right. now.

The worst part of the show was Madison. What is wrong with her? And do the writer's really expect us to like her? Cause I don't. She bugs me in many ways.

That was a stinkin' good episode. I can't wait till Thursday. Survivor, Grey's, and my mom's birthday. (Sigh. I need to stop letting myself get so caught up in these shows. Oh well. At least one of those things actually happens in real life. )

Becky said...


no '

Blame it on the fact that I was all worked up.

Kimmy said...

Madison? Do you mean Addison Shepherd Montgomery? And are you referring to her and Mark Sloan at the end of the episode? Yes, that bugged me immensely!!!! I was almost seething when they showed the two of them "together".

e-Mom said...

Thanks for the great review. I haven't watched this program, so I'll have to give it a whirl. I see from your sidebar, you like "What Not To Wear." That's a fun show! :~)

Becky said...

Madison. Sheesh. Yes I mean Addison. I'm sick though, so you have to expect things like this to come out of me...

Kimmy said...

Hey, Becky. No problem. I made an error too. Her name is Addison Montgomery Shepherd, NOT Addison Shepherd Montgomery. I got her two last names mixed up. Why is she continuing on with the two last names, though? Why doesn't she just stick with Dr. Montgomery?
I hope you're feeling better soon.