Monday, January 29, 2007

The Newest Member of our Family

This weekend we added a new canine friend to our ever-expanding pet roster.

Meet B.J., a 2-year old Golden Retriever. He's become Harpo's best friend. Harpo is our male Bichon Frise, and he follows B.J. all over the yard and they are sooooo cute together!

The other dogs have adjusted well to B.J.' s arrival. The boys aren't 100% sure about him yet, mostly because of B.J.'s rambunctious nature around them (the dog's head is at the same level as their heads, so he's pretty big for them). B.J. means well . . . he just wants to play. But the boys haven't quite figured this all out yet, and neither has the dog. We're hoping that over time B.J. will understand that barrelling over a 5-year old isn't exactly fun for the 5-year old.

We're really happy to have a big dog for the acreage. And so far, he's stayed near the house and hasn't ventured off our property. We were a bit concerned about that, but so far, so good.

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