Thursday, January 18, 2007

Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty . . .


We "inherited" a cat with the acreage. We were not advised of her name, and so the boys appropriately named her "Mischief". I call her Missy for short.

My dogs hate Missy. They torment her any chance they get. They eat her food. They bark if she comes near the door. They try to attack and chase her whenever possible.

We haven't seen Missy for 2 days now, and I'm a bit concerned. We've been calling and calling for her, but she doesn't come.

Being out in the country, and the fact that she's not housebroken (plus I don't really have an appreciation for "indoor" cats), she is not allowed to enter the house. She's strictly an outdoor kitty.

I leave food out for her every morning. Yesterday she didn't come for it. Today she hasn't come for it. The last time I saw her was on Tuesday afternoon at 3:10 p.m.

I know cats are different from dogs. But I'm not as knowledgeable about cats as some people. For those of you who have a cat, or know things about cats, should I be concerned that she hasn't come to the house for 2 days now? She seems to rely on us for food, and being that it's winter, I don't think she's doing a lot of mouse-catching right now.

My thoughts on explaining her disappearance vary. One part of me says,
she's a cat. She likes to roam and be independent. She'll come home when she wants to. Another part of me suspects she's dead. I hope that isn't true, because I'm not sure if my boys could handle that news. One other suspicion I have is that perhaps she's gone off somewhere to have a litter of kittens. I'm not aware of her being pregnant, but what do I know about this? My specialty is dog pregnancies. If my suspicion of kittens is true, I'm not sure that they'd still be alive. It's been pretty cold here the last 2 nights, and I don't know how well newborn kittens would fare in this kind of weather.

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on how I could get to the bottom of this missing cat, I'd appreciate it.

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Becky said...

Glad you found her. Even if you aren't that attached to her, it's not fun to worry that she is alone and scared and hungry and... Yeah. I need to toughen up.