Saturday, December 16, 2006

Moving Day - Part One

A Hallway Full of Boxes - No Room to Walk!

More Boxes . . .

Our Moving Equipment

Our Little Helpers

More Help

Assessing the Situation . . .
December 15 - "Moving Weekend" officially begins. Wayne, my dad, and our friend Paul move everything out of our double-detached garage, sans white truck (my nemesis!). Mom and I pack up the kitchen. It never seems to end! Mom brings lunch (thanks, Mom!) and Julie brings supper (thanks, Jules!). Wayne and teenage friend Joel, as well as my dad, make a trip out to the acreage to "deliver" the goods to the machine shop. Terrible weather. Return home safely and all is well. Get rest. Big day tomorrow.

December 16 - "The Big Move". HORRIBLE, stormy weather. Basement garage, plus ALL boxes are loaded into the trailer. My nemesis (the white truck) is towed away to the acreage. Hooray! In-between this, we consume yummy Vern's Pizza for lunch. Five men and one 7-year old are are presently unloading the basement garage plus all the boxes at the acreage. Me, my parents and Ty stay back to recuperate/make supper/clean/BLOG! We await the safe arrival back of our moving crew (a.k.a. great friends and family) so that they can eat supper, load up the rest of our earthly possessions (mostly furniture left now), and make another trip out to the acreage. Estimate Time of Completion: Midnight.

We are in the midst of a severe winter storm. The roads are not great and visibility is poor. Obviously we picked the worst day of winter 2006 to move! But who knew? Last weekend we had great weather. . . it just didn't stay long enough for us to benefit. But I'd actually have this rather than -30 or -40, so I think we'll just look on the bright side and be happy that the temperature is reasonable at least.

This weekend move has not been as stressful as I had imagined. But there are a lot of people to thank for that, namely: Mom & Dad, Wayne, Mitchell & Tyrone, Aaron & Norma, Greg & Erin, Paul & Julie, Joel, Henry, Will, Harold, Derek and Josh. I hope I didn't forget anyone else who's given us help with this move in one way, shape or form. We wouldn't have been able to do it without you!

So tomorrow the clean-up at our current home continues (I know, it's Sunday, but we're not able to take a break just yet) . . . I've got to go get supper finished for my moving crew. I'll post more in Moving Day - Part Two sometime in the future.


Kim said...

Hey Kim, you'll never guess how I found your blog. I'll tell you about it in an email. How is the moving going? I look forward to visiting your blog again!

jillarae said...

Hi Kim,
Just wanted to leave a comment and let you know I am looking forward to hearing of your decorating adventures once you are up and bloggin again!! Happy New Year!