Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Today was our home inspection on the house we currently live in. I was told by my realtor that it would be best for me to not be around for the inspection. He said many of his clients have "messed up" sales because of the fact that they "volunteer information" to the home inspector which he didn't really need to hear. So, today I had to leave the house for almost 3 hours while this home inspection was taking place.

I was told that the home inspection would run from 10 a.m. - noon. But when I got home at 9:10 a.m. from taking the boys to school, the home inspector was already setting up shop and so I had to dispose of the dogs (temporarily)and I went out for breakfast to a local restaurant. Have you ever eaten alone? It's kind of a weird experience. I thoroughly enjoyed it, actually. It was nice to sit and try to relax and not think about what was going on back at the house. For anyone who's ever had a home inspection done on their home, you may be able to relate. Our house is 28 years old, so of course it has some flaws. And just because someone has shown enough interest in our house to give us an offer doesn't mean they won't change their mind after the home inspection. I've been quite nervous and anxious about everything going on here this morning, and I'm relieved it's all over.

We haven't received confirmation that the home inspection condition has been removed. However, our buyer's real estate agent informed our real estate agent that there are no major concerns and that the deal will be able to go through. I'm not going to say Hallelujah just yet, because nothing is official. And I don't like to get my hopes up until I officially see all signed documents pertaining to legal things, such as the sale of a house.

We've got our interim financing in place, which is a relief. I've always wondered what happens with the whole money thing from the time you take possession of your new home until the buyer pays you for your home. Does this make sense? I couldn't see any logical way around this aside from the fact that our possession date for the acreage would have to be the same as the purchaser's possession date for our current home. What a nightmare that would be, trying to move out and move in all in the same day. No, I don't want to go there. So, anyways, this interim financing is the solution to this "money in limbo" issue. Thank goodness it exists.

This is all becoming more real. Now if only my husband could get the engine in his truck put in so that the truck could actually be driven out of the garage. He needs help with this, but seemingly is having limited success at finding it. Hopefully he meets a new friend soon with a degree in mechanics.

Maybe by tomorrow I can report the good news that our house is officially sold!


Becky said...

Hey Kim... You should send me an email... I might have some mechanic suggestions that live in Martensville for your hubby.

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