Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Burn Brightly

     In an attempt to "see" the inner beauty of others, I'm enjoying my encounters with people more and more.  I've always enjoyed people, but I'm finding this new focus in my own life translating into how I perceive others, throwing away first-impressions as soon as I possibly can.
     For example, tonight one of my boys participated in a Flag Party Ceremony for the singing of O Canada at a WHL hockey game; I found myself very intrigued by the other moms, and even a great-grandmother, who had brought their kids/great-grand kids to the hockey arena to participate in the Flag Party.  Surface-opinions quickly diminished as I got to see a tiny bit of the beautiful heart of these women, and the sacrifices that they, in particular, made this evening, so that the Cadet they brought would be on time and in best form for their duties, supporting them in the process.
     I know my encounter with all of these women was brief in light of eternity, but I am grateful for what God revealed to me about each one of them in less than an hour's time.  Now that some ice has been broken with these women, I hope to engage in more conversation with them at future Cadet-related events.
     There is beauty all around us . . . in every person we meet.  I encourage you to find beauty in others and to allow your own inner-beauty to burn brightly.

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Connie Mae Inglis said...

So true. Thanks for the reminder Kimmy. And I'm glad you had this opportunity to makes connections with these mothers and grandmothers. Keep shining for Jesus (like you ARE doing).