Monday, November 25, 2013

Going Under the Knife

Tomorrow morning I am scheduled to have a cyst removed from my throat/neck, which I eluded to in an earlier Friday's Feast Post.  I thought I'd have more notice and time to prepare for the surgery, but apparently my doctor performs elective surgeries on short notice, and since I am filling-in for a cancellation, I received even shorter notice than usual.  I seriously thought it would be January 2014 at the earliest before this surgery would occur.

I am feeling okay emotionally about the whole process.  However, I've been battling a cold/cough for almost 2 weeks now, and when they called me about the surgery date on Thursday, I thought my coughing would be over by now.  It's not.  My biggest fear at the moment is that I'm going to arrive for my surgery tomorrow morning, they're going to discover my cough, and tell me that I can't have the surgery after-all.  That would not be good, especially since my being away from work and home creates a bit of upheaval in more lives than just my own, and to re-schedule would not be convenient.

Please pray for me . . . that the cough would be totally gone by tomorrow morning (it actually is almost gone, but I'd like it to be completely gone), that we have safe roads to travel to get to the appointment . . . that the surgery will be routine, normal and successful . . . that my recovery/healing time is quick . . . that the cyst is found to be benign.

As I was reading my Bible this morning, I was reminded two times, of God's unfailing love and faithfulness.  Those reminders were very timely and I embrace those words with all my heart as I face tomorrow's surgery.

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