Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Top-Ten-Tuesday: Articles of Clothing

Here are my TOP-TEN favourite articles of clothing that I currently own (along with some pictures, some of which are good, some of which are bad:( . . . . I wish I had a picture of myself wearing every article of clothing mentioned, but that would have taken up too much of my precious time . . .

10.  My Pink Real-Tree Pyjamas.  Wayne gave me these p.j.'s for Christmas 2012 and I wish I could wear them more than just for sleeping in.  I love the Real-Tree pattern on the sleeves and legs, and the pink is just an added bonus!  My combination is a pair of drawstring-waisted pants, with a long-sleeved comfy top.  In the photo below, the pants look super-short, but they're not . . . they actually fit me (I have trouble finding pants that are both long enough and small enough in the waist to fit properly); they're just hanging from a shirt hanger and the legs are dangling down . . . I wanted you to see how cool the pant legs are in the Real Tree Pattern.

9.  My Black, Silver and Red Poinsettia Scarf.  My friend gave me this beautiful scarf for my 40th birthday, and the flowers on the scarf look like poinsettias to me, so I decided to wait until December to wear the scarf.  I got to put it to use a few times throughout the month of December, and I love to wear this scarf.  It's the highest-quality scarf I own, and I think it is beautiful.  It's quite long, too, which is good, since that gives me many options for how I can wear it.

8.  My Black Dress-Capris.  Well, I'm not sure if you could ever categorize capris as "dressy", but I guess it's the colour, material and detailing of these capris that slightly elevate them to something more than casual.  The bottom line is, when I wear these capris, I actually feel skinny.  Enough said.

7.  My Striped Tie-At-the Waist Casual Shirt/Blouse.  I was instantly attracted to this shirt/blouse.  The colours just made me happy when I saw the top initially, and the horizontal stripes are interesting.  Plus, the design is also interesting, as the shirt has "ties" on the left-side at the bottom, so the shirt can only be worn tied.  This top is just down-right fun to wear.

Me at my 39-And-Holding Party,
one day before I actually turned 40
6.  My Denim Skirt.  I love to wear skirts, and my favourite summer outfit would be a skirt with a cute top as opposed to shorts with a cute top.  My denim skirt is very versatile, as I am able to dress it up or down, depending on what top and/or shoes I wear.  This article of clothing is typically saved for spring and summer, but I have opted to wear tights with it on warmer fall and winter days.

5.  My Green Floral Dress.  I bought this dress for $15.00 at Old Navy about 3 spring-times ago, and I must say that I still enjoy wearing it.  It exudes a fresh, bright, spring-like feel, and my mood always lightens when I wear this dress.

Mother's Day 2011
4.  My Black Dress Coat.  The main reason I love this coat is because of the unique collar it has.  The collar looks kind of like a ruffle and a scarf rolled-into-one.  The coat is very slimming and I feel like a million bucks every time I wear it. 

3.  My Calvin Klein Winter Dress.  I've only worn this dress once (since I bought it right before Christmas), and honestly, when I tried it on, I stood in the dressing room for at least 15 minutes, staring at myself in the mirror, trying to decide if I hated the dress or loved the dress.  I decided to let the price be the determining factor as to whether or not I bought it.  Well, at the regular price of $160.00, I would have never even tried this dress on.  But I knew I had pulled it off a sale rack, and so when I took it to the clerk at the till, she informed me that it would be $48.00 total, including taxes.  My budget was $50.00, so that kind of cinched it for me.  I wore the dress the Sunday before Christmas.  Aside from my boys and husband loving it, I had only one other compliment on the dress, so now I'm kind of second-guessing my decision to ever wear it again.  However, since I have it listed at #3, it must be good for me in my own mind.  I keep telling myself that the opinion of others doesn't matter, and if I feel good in something, that should be enough.  The dress feels amazing on, because the fabric is so wonderful. 

2.  My Sherpa Hoody, which the boys gave me for Christmas 2012.  It is from the store Cabela's (Can you believe I actually have "favourites" from the Cabela's store?  Wait until you read about my #1 item:)); My gift from the boys was a wonderfully warm, fuzzy, and PINK zippered hoody, which I absolutely adore.  I really hope I don't shrink it or ruin it in the washer/dryer.  The picture below does not really do this article of clothing justice, and I know it's pretty out-there as far as colour/pattern, but I love it.

1.  My Cabela's Dress.  Wayne bought this dress for me for my 40th birthday, and I love every part of it.  The colour is fabulous . . . the print is fun . . . the material feels amazing to wear . . . the style is flattering . . . and it was all his idea, so I think that makes it extra-special!

Wayne and I at my 40th Birthday Party

Close-up of the fabric

As you can probably tell from some of my articles of clothing, I really like colour.  I think colour does something to enhance a person's mood, and I'd rather be entering a room looking vibrant and cheerful than stark and boring.  Not that there isn't a time and a place for that sort of look.  Let's face it . . . Classic is also a very attractive look, and often the colours associated with Classic are darker hues/tones.  I actually LOVE wearing the colour black, but I don't want to live my life only wearing black.  I have other favourite clothes that I just couldn't fit into my Top 10 today, but almost every other item I would have considered listing here is made of a coloured fabric.  Go figure.

One other thing you may have noticed in this post is that aside from the capris I mentioned, there are no pants in my Top 10.  If there is any part of my body that I could change, it would be my butt and thighs (in other words, I don't prefer my butt or thighs), so to me, pants are never something that I find appealing on myself.  I wear them because I have to, and that's all.  Like I said in my #6 favourite, I love to wear skirts.  Skirts are my preferred "bottoms".

I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into my wardrobe.  I really enjoyed putting this together for you all.


Carol said...

Hey Kim,

Thanks for sharing your "top ten". It was fun! And the Calvin Klein dress looks awesome! I wouldn't stop wearing it. If you love wearing it then why not enjoy it. Who cares if anyone else does or does not like it!

Cons-structions said...

Hey there--I'm just getting caught up on your blog. Great posts!
Also wanted you to know that I LOVE your Calvin Klein winter dress--but then I love colour and that retro look.