Friday, December 28, 2012


Today I am thankful for . . .

1104.  The gift of Attending A Very Meaningful Memorial Service.  My cousins and their children did a fantastic job of honouring their father/grandfather at my Uncle E's memorial service today.  My uncle was 97 years old when he passed away, and he left behind an example of service and dedication to his God and his family.  It was a blessing to be there and to reconnect with some of my "older" cousins.  The reason I say "older" is because they literally are 20 or more years older than I am, so when I was born, they were long-gone and leading their own lives away from home.  It takes occasions like today (although not the preferred reason to get together), for me to realize and appreciate the larger extended family I have. 

1105.  The gift of Playing a Family Game of Settlers of Catan (Seafarers).  It was a hilarious game of laughing and joking . . . and I won, which was amazing, because I don't usually do well in that game.

1106.  The gift of Boxing Week Sales.

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