Thursday, November 29, 2012

Snowy Owls, Veterinarians and Acts of Service

Today I am thankful for . . .

1016.  The gift of Seeing a Snowy Owl on my way to work today.  The sky was a thick blanket of white, with soft flakes of snow falling from it; the temperatures were plummeting and the wind was blowing.  All of a sudden a snowy owl flew from one power pole to the other right in my line of vision.

1017.  The gift of A Veterinarian Who Helped Pepper Out.  As soon as work was over, I picked up the boys and Pepper, and we took Pepper to the vet in the same town where Wayne works.  Wayne met us there after work, and the vet determined that the wound is a bite wound, and when he cleaned and opened the wound to let out the infection, he discovered a tiny piece of green onion in the wound!  He said the only way that piece of green onion could have got there is via the tooth of the other dog.  When the dog bit Pepper, the green onion must have been inserted into the puncture hole.  It's so strange--I wish I knew exactly what happened and what dog bit Pepper.  Pepper is resting inside now (her new favourite place to be) and she appears to be doing quite well, despite the trauma of the 60-minutes (in total) vehicle ride to and from the vet, as well as her encounter with the vet.

1018.  The gift of The Youth Group's Service to our Church by helping the custodian with cleaning.  She told the kids that they saved her 18 hours of her regular work, with them working for only 1.5 hours.  I'm so glad Mitchell was able to be part of helping her out in this way.

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