Saturday, November 10, 2012

Snow Plow

Today I am thankful for . . .

960.  The gift of Snow Plows.  I followed one most of the way into the city this morning, as it "paved a safe way" for me to get to my destination.  It kind of reminded me of how, if we follow God, He "paves the way" for us:)

961.  The gift of Listening to a Wonderful Speaker this weekend at the conference.  Her name is Joanna Weaver, and God really used her words to speak to my heart.

962.  The gift of My Friend's Husband, who was our taxi driver for the day.  The parking fees for the conference were ridiculously high, so my friend suggested I arrive at her house in the morning, park my vehicle, and get a ride with her "taxi driver husband" so that we could avoid parking fees.  I thought that was pretty great; then when we got back to their place afterwards, he trudged through all the deep snow (we had a snowstorm here this weekend) and cleaned all the snow off my vehicle for me before I left for home.

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