Thursday, November 15, 2012


Today I am thankful for . . .

976.  The gift of Great Songs for my worship team to sing this Sunday.  It's that time again . . . my monthly opportunity to sing with a team in worship.  I hope I don't mess anything up.  I feel more confident this month, but I am still not convinced that I should be allowed on stage as the member of a worship team.

977.  The gift of Songs that My Boys are Preparing to "audition" with in the future for our Worship Pastor.  "Audition" isn't exactly the right word, but they want to "play songs for him" once they have mastered a few that we sing in our church.  I'm amazed at how these boys have progressed from their lowly beginnings (just over a year ago for Ty, and not even a year ago for Mitchell).  I honestly thought they'd give-up on this dream of being a drummer after their set of 8-week trial lessons; but I am thrilled to report that they proved me wrong.  God has blessed them and He blesses me through these boys and their music.

978.  The gift of Perspective. 

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