Saturday, August 18, 2012

Free Tickets

Today I am thankful for . . .

701.  The gift of Free Tickets to Folkfest.  My mom's friend couldn't use her passes for tonight, so she gave them to Wayne and I so that we could take the boys.  We really enjoyed ourselves . . . especially at the Caribbean Pavillion, where we experienced Steel Drum Performances, An Amazingly Agile Stilt-Walker, and a "Prince" from the Caribbean who was capable of breathing and eating fire.

702.  The gift of The Most Delightful Experience of a 3-hour manicure and pedicure in which I literally felt like I was in another world.  My fingers, toes, feet and hands have never looked or felt better.

703.  The gift of A New Book which I am going to co-read with a friend of mine.  I haven't done that for years, and never with this particular friend, so it should be interesting.

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