Wednesday, July 11, 2012

No Iron Deficiency Here

Today I am thankful for . . .

584.  The gift of A Clean Bedroom.  Next week I hope to paint it.

585.  The gift of A Possible Solution to our Iron problem, related to our well water.  My sinks, tub, toilet bowl, shower, etc. are all a lovely shade of orange due to high levels of iron in our water.  I think I've mentioned this problem in the past, but I'll tell you about it again.  The water has literally done it's part in turning the highlights in my hair orange, but thanks to a recommendation from my hairdresser regarding a different shampoo, I was able to rid myself of the unsightly color.  However, I am forever in a battle with our bathroom in order to get rid of the orange.  Wayne has been researching iron filters and I think he may have found a solution.  There is a company that is willing to help us with the problem, for a price much lower than I was expecting to pay, and their specialty is getting rid of iron in well water.

586.  The gift of Popsicles and Creamsicles.

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Michelle said...

I don't envy you the iron in the water. I know exactly what you mean. There was iron in the water when I taught in Punnichy. I used to save all of my laundry to do in the city every weekend because all of my clothes would turn orange otherwise. I also used to carry back jugs of water for drinking and cooking. I don't miss that at all. We actually have good water where we live now. For once, I don't have to scrub scale off of the shower and sinks or worry about discolouration.

On a completely different note, we are expecting 90 something degree temperatures with 90% humidity today. Wanna come and visit?